August 23 - August 30 2016




Till Bovermann -
Anja Erdmann -
Peter Kirn -
Darsha Hewitt -
Annie Goh -
Lee Paterson -
Katharina Hauke -
Inge Vanden Kroonberg -
Jacob Remin -


This is a call for 5 (out of 10) participants for the next micro-residency camp on the island of Hailuoto in northern Finland.

Main themes are:

- sonic wild{er}ness / music outside
- instrumentality of mobile sonic interventions
- sonification of matter & environment such as earth, stones, vegetation
- mycelium

Program: #SOCCOS - EU project Sound Of Culture & Culture Of Sound
Time: 23-30 August (23/30 travel days)
Flights: WE PAY average 250 Euro travel costs
Accommodation: free here, shared double bedrooms, if you want to rent an extra house, that can be arrangend on your own costs
local travel: included
Food: included, but collective cooking/ teams / vegetarian food
+ curation, lectures, teaching, mostly outdoor work, internet, LAB space, audio and video tech available, some production costs possible

There will be program 2-4 hours per day and rest flexible time. The idea is to work together.

Previous camps:

SOCCOS CAMP: ... more


Application deadline end of MAY (immediate travel booking is must, re prices, limited flights etc)

Please send very SHORT info letter about you, 10 sentences and links or CV to antye.greie AT haiart DOT net

WELCOME and spread!


flight info: Arrival airport is Oulu/ Finland

due to island / ferry realities, flights should arrive 5/6pm and not leave before 8am on 30th collective pick up on 23rd to island 7pm Oulu Airport, if you book your flight late and there is no ferry no more, very difficult to get to island, you pay extra for accomm etc
ask me any questions in this regard, dont take the travel lightly, its far and expensive and complicated
but i help and advise…. recommended airlines Finnair (book asap), norwegian (book asap re seats sold out) there is also possibility to fly helsinki and take a train to Oulu. ask if questions



Hai Art: curation, activism & sound in Hailuoto / Finland

Hai Art Soccos activities: