August 30 - September 06 2015

Inclusion of Complexity

The micro-residency will host 10 international sound artists, students and academics in Hailuoto to investigate, research and experience remote off grid situation, encounter silence and sparse nature in relation to sound. The participants will engage with locality and the island matter as well as Hai Art art works Sonic Bikes by Kaffe Matthews, The Organum by Lukas Kuehne, The Hailuoto Sound Map by Juan Duarte Regino and the down-village mediaLAB.






Outdoor field trips

The Organum

Sonic Bikes

Sound Map Hailuoto

• down-village Media/MakersLAB


LECTURE & WORKSHOP on Acoustics & Sound @ORGANUM sponsored by AKUKON

with Henri Penttinen,  PhD in acoustics at Aalto University in 2006 and Anni Haataja, acoustic consultance

Workshop structure
- a lecture on room acoustics and sound source acoustics
- pair work for finding interesting sound source location and listening location pairs
- acoustical measurements of the space
- results of the measurement
- summary on points: "how to play the room"
- open discussion throughout the workshop



Micro-residence: participant list

Anne Lepère
Belgian sound artist

Jacek Sotomski
composer, graduated from Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw in Agata Zubel composition and Cezary Duchnowski computer composition class.

Marine Drouan
KRITZKOM / electronic music composer and graphic design, french based in Berlin

Kamila Stasko-Mazur
Phd student at the Wrocław University (Poland), Cultural Studies Departament, specialization - Musicology

Andrew Jarvis
Sound Artist based in East Sussex, UK

Kinga Kozłowska
Finishing cultural studies, based in Warsaw, Poland [took part in Juan D Regino workshop for #soccos]

Federico Dottini
composer, DJ from Italy, Milan
studied Electronic Music Composition at IRMus, Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, History of music
and a massive module of Max/MSP

Paweł Paide Dunajko
DJ, music critic, an activist of the Wroclaw-based internet radio ''
representative of a new literary genre - Liberature

Izabela Smelczyńska
Musicologist and Journalist based in Warsaw - sound studies and sound art

Antoni Michnik - researcher and performer from Sopot, Poland - a member of a group called Grupa ETC, and editor in Glissandro


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