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VOUGASCAPES#4: Micro-residency in rural Portugal 21-27 Aug 2016

A summer camp about the geographical and social impacts of the recently built water dam of Ribeiradio/Ermida in several villages in the municipalities of São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela and Oliveira de Frades. During the week, participants will go through different in-the-field workshops coordinated by Binaural/Nodar team about the local geo-ethnographical context, sound recording/editing/mixing techniques, ethical/moral questions of site-specific artistic practices and cooperation methodologies to enhance collective work.
2 months ago
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Radio Lab Call - CTM 2017

Call for Works For the fourth year in a row, Deutschlandradio Kultur – Radio Art / Klangkunst and CTM Festival – in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst, Ö1 Kunstradio and the SoCCoS network, and with the support of the British music magazine The Wire – are delighted to commission two artistic projects. The call is for unusual audio projects that couple the radio medium with the potential of live performance or installation while also relating to the CTM 2017 Festival theme: FEAR ANGER LOVE.
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Sonic Explorations of a Rural Archive

SONIC EXPLORATIONS OF A RURAL ARCHIVE Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art International Competition Coordination: Binaural / Nodar In the context of Rural Viseu 2.0 project - co-funded by the Viseu Terceiro project of the Municipality of Viseu (Portugal) and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union – SOCCOS Sound Art Network. Applications between June 1st and September 30th, 2016 Announcement of results October 31st, 2016
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Call for Micro-Residency in Brussels

The Q-O2 micro-residency which take place from May 29th to June 5th 2016 in Brussels is directed to students or young professionals with a practice in music and sound art. The topical complex on which we will work is voice, gender, language and identity. Please send applications by April 20th to
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CTM 2016 Micro Residency Report

From 29 January to 7 February 2016, ten international and five Berlin-based sound art students and emerging practicioners were invited to participate in a SoCCoS Micro Residency during CTM 2016 Festival. Apart from visiting the festival's many concerts and events, the students took part in a programme developed together with the Humboldt University Chair of Transcultural Musicology.
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December 8, 2015 (Tuesday) at 6.30 PM SoCCoS OPEN SESSION: What are the sound residencies? Meeting held in English. During the SoCCoS partners meeting we invite audience to participate in two special events! December 9, 2015 (Wednesday) at 6.30 PM Book launch: URBAN SOUND DESIGN PROCESS by Caroline Claus Meeting held in English with translation to Polish. Film screening: REVERBERATION directed by Radosław Sirko
10 months ago
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Report from Aurélie Lierman’s residency at MoKS in Estonia

During the all month of October (2015) Aurélie Lierman stayed together with the artists collective 'Instruments Inventors Initiative (iii)' at the artists residency at MoKS in Mooste, Estonia. The main goal of Aurélie's stay was to develop the basic concepts and construct a framework for her new research on voice, speech and meaning. Solo and collective creations with iii collective member Wen Chin Fu were presented at the 'Heli festival' (Tallinn - as well as in the nomadic performance series 'No Patent Pending #15 & #16', which took place in different venues, in Mooste and Helsinki.
11 months ago
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SoCCoS residency in Fataunços (Vouzela, Portugal)

Binaural/Nodar hosts between October 7th and 24th, 2015 an artist residency cycle in the Portuguese rural village of Fataunços (municipality of Vouzela) with spanish sound artist Xabi Erkizia, finnish sound educator (and member of partner organization Hai-Art) Tiina Lapola and Italian sound art and social reseacher Leandro Pisano.
11 months ago
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Winners of the CTM 2016 Radio Lab Residency Call

Congratulations to Deena Abdelwahed, and to Marija Bozinovska Jones aka MBJ Wetware with JG Biberkopf, for winning the call for CTM 2016 radio lab residencies! Awarded by Deutschlandradio Kultur – Hörspiel/Klangkunst and DISK/CTM Festival, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst, Ö1 Kunstradio, and the SoCCoS – the Sound of Culture, the Culture of Sound initiative, the CTM 2016 Radio Lab Open Call for works sought unusual ideas for pairing the specific artistic possibilities of radio with the potentials of live performance or installation, that also explore the CTM 2016 Festival theme: New Geographies.
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Deadline Approaching for CTM 2016 Radio Lab Call for Works

Deutschlandradio Kultur – Radio Drama / Klangkunst and CTM Festival, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, the SoCCoS – Sound of Culture, Culture of Sound network, Ö1 Kunstradio, and ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst are pleased to release a third call for artistic projects seeking unusual ideas for coupling the medium radio with the potentials of live performance or installation, while also relating to the CTM 2016 Festival theme: New Geographies. The submission deadline is fast approaching: 15 September!
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Artist-In-Resident Luka Ivanović aka lukatoyboy

#‎SOCCOS‬ research residency in ‪#‎Hailuoto‬ with Luka Ivanovich @lukatoyboy ‪#‎frequencies‬ ‪#‎transmission‬ ‪#‎blueberries‬ ‪#‎mosquitoes‬ ‪#‎noise‬ ‪#‎silence‬ ‪#‎WILDERNESS‬ ‪#‎performance‬ ‪#‎remote‬ ‪#‎sound‬
one year ago
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Children’s workshop with Kaffe Matthews and Ivan Vrambout - a report

Kaffe Matthews and Ivan Vrambout worked for one week with children at the Maison des Cultures/Huis van Culturen Molenbeek. They were exploring their neighborhoods and gathering material for Finding Song Home, the new sonic bike opera by Kaffe Matthew and the Bicrophonic Research Institute. The opera will be launched on the 9th of May and stay available for infinite time.


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